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Made in Italy

A guarantee of Craftsmanship, Quality and Heritage

Kenwood Cookers - Quality, Innovation, Design

Kenwood Cookers was founded on the values of quality, innovation and design. These values remain our focus in our products.

Millions of cooks world-wide, at home and at professional kitchens, use our Kenwood cookers. Their loyalty is earned because of our meticulously design and expertly engineered products. We not only use the very best materials but we also exhaustively test each Kenwood Cooker for durability and safety so you are guaranteed a stylist cooker that faultlessly performs and performs.

Kenwood Cookers lead the field in bringing affordable new technology to our range cookers, built-in ovens and cooker hobs (gas and electric). Our values mean we bring a pioneering approach to creating better range cookers, built in ovens and cooker hobs that are appreciated by the discerning cook. The kind of discerning cook that understands quality comes at a price, but it shouldn't be at any price. Better and affordable set our cookers apart.

Kenwood Cookers are designed for timeless elegance, which means there is a range cooker, built-in oven and a hob that will perfectly compliment your style and your kitchen and give you years of enjoyment.

Your kitchen is at the centre of your family life and the cooker is the beating heart of that centre. It's where the action is and where many treasured family memories are made. From the early childhood sweet smell of fairy cakes, the homely smell of family Sunday roast, the irresistible smell of a lie-in Saturday brunch and the wow factor smell of dinner with friends ... they all happen in your kitchen and with your cooker.

As the expert in range cookers, built-in ovens and cooker hobs, we make sure Kenwood Cookers enhance the enjoyment of cooking for everyone in your family time and again and with the greatest of ease.

Kenwood Cookers Range

Whichever product your choose from our Kenwood Cookers range, you can be sure to not only cook great food but also long lasting treasured memories.

The versatility of our range cookers, built-in ovens and cooker hobs really help you to be more creative with your cooking.  That's because our cookers gives you level of control that are often only enjoyed by a professional kitchen.

Thanks to its timeless design and durable build quality, your Kenwood Cooker is a guaranteed astute investment that will continue to grace your kitchen for years.